Career Goals

Before I started at Wayne State and before I finished my undergrad at Michigan State University, I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to work with high school students, teaching English, but I also wanted to be a Librarian. I was accepted into the Education program at MSU, I had already taken a few classes, and really there was no doubt that I would be a teacher. I kept saying though, “After I am a teacher, I will go back to get my master’s degree and become a  librarian.”

The reality is, a lot of schools are cutting librarians. This is a trend right now in Michigan, and perhaps it will dip and school’s budgets will become a little higher and they will hire them back (especially with so many schools starting IB programs). So, one day it would have been plausible for me to be a media librarian. Right now, it didn’t seem like the most logical decision to become a teacher and then a librarian, only to find I could not get one of the few jobs open, when really I wanted to be a librarian, not a teacher. I skipped. I got a degree in English, and then I went straight to Wayne.

This doesn’t change the fact that I have a love for education, teaching, and people. I will say, I am more suited for teaching in a one-on-one interaction, rather than a group setting, so becoming a librarian fits. My career goals center around this. I am not exactly sure where my education will lead me, but right now I have a decent idea of where I want to be. I know I want to work for a University or college. I would love to be an academic librarian. Furthering the education goals of students, helping with research, and picking out collections that can help students would definitely be high on my priority list. I would probably be best suited to work in reference. At the same time, I do have a love for the public library and the high school age group. This makes me lean toward getting a Graduate Certificate in Public Library Services to Children and Young Adults.

The best part of becoming a librarian is that you are not limited. There is such a large amount of interesting options, it is exciting more than anything else to choose what will be best suited for me. Whether I end up at a University, a public library, or a business, I feel as though I can gain the ability to work wherever I would like.


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