Job Analysis Part 1

As far as jobs go, I am aiming for the future here. Where do I see myself when I graduate? If I am being honest, probably working an adjunct position, maybe two (if I am lucky!) working towards that heavenly full time job! Ten years from now, fifteen years from now, who knows where I will be? Maybe I will not even be working in a library. If my career path shoots where I want it to (I say want, not knowing really where I will be ten years from now), I would love to be a director of an Academic Library. Dream big, right?

One position I found (I won’t post the link, because it will probably be filled by the time someone reads this) is Director of Salt Lake Community College Libraries (full description and requirements listed on the bottom of page). To make it to this job would be a difficult route. I would have to concentrate my career on furthering my own education (acquiring a doctorate), increasing leadership and management skills, perfecting communication (both written and verbal), working in an academic library, and honing my skills with technology and other academic library needs. It would require focus, dedication, and a very real desire to further my career.

I would love to do this and I would love to do this within ten years. With that said, I would also love to get married, have a family, and maybe pursue other passions. I question if I have the desire to progress my career in such a short amount of time. Perhaps a more realistic goal would be fifteen or twenty years. That way I can still enjoy other aspects of my life outside of my career. I also wonder if perhaps I am putting too much emphasis on the difficulty of attaining a position like this. It does require the effort, but I feel I am naturally good at duties such as the ones listed.

If anything, I need to get my feet wet in the field to see how it would work out and where I would go. This post has really made me consider the amount of dedication it takes. I would love to be a leader in the field and make a significant change. To do so, my career has to be a focus. The question is how much of a focus and in what context? Can I focus on other things too?

Director, Salt Lake Community College Libraries
Job Summary:

Responsible for strengthening the SLCC libraries through engaging leadership and management, and upholding the libraries as strong partners in teaching and learning at the college.

Similar to a Dean position, provides leadership, vision, and advocacy for the multiple college libraries at SLCC. Primary emphases are related, but not limited to, information literacy instruction, resource allocation, collection development and alignment with college curriculum, planning, staffing, program development, evaluation of library resources and services, and advancement of the library in teaching and learning at SLCC.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develops and advances the vision, mission, and long-range plans for the libraries as they relate to the college mission, vision and policies.
  • Collaborates with colleagues across SLCC to ensure effective learning resources programs and services, and an effective and consistent library experience across the system.
  • Provides leadership that reflects current needs and future trends in libraries, including scholarly communications and assessment of operations and services.
  • Markets and promotes utilization of library resources and services to the college and the community in general.
  • Fosters cooperative relationships with libraries and other external agencies that enhance the resources and services provided to the library constituency.
  • Provides leadership and expertise in the effective delivery of services.
  • Communicates objectives and plans for collections, services and facilities; includes staff members in the planning process for library operations.
  • Provides effective professional development for library staff.
  • Supports staff participation in external professional organizations, and internal professional development activities provided by both SLCC.
  • Develops, manages and administers the budget.
  • Complies with external guidelines (e.g., those of various subject centered accrediting agencies) and local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Assures representation of the library in college planning, task forces and committees.
  • Evaluates and reports on programs, collections and services as and when required.
  • Responsible for other reasonable, related duties as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualificatons:


  • Masters Degree in Library Science (MLS/MLIS) from an ALA-accredited institution, or Masters degree in (or related to) Curriculum, Instruction, or Administration.
  • At least two years of administrative management.
  • Five (5) years of progressively responsible library or learning resources experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Doctorate degree.
  • Experience in an academic library.
  • LIS related administrative experience.
  • Experience supporting eLearning curriculum.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • A clear understanding of emerging trends and issues and the vision, energy, and creativity to address them;
  • Understanding of the role of librarianship within teaching and learning;
  • Ability to lead in a collaborative environment, including the ability to lead and engage staff through the process of organizational improvement and change;
  • Understanding of information technologies, eLearning, library integrated information systems, and patron services in academic libraries;
  • Vision to translate traditional library services into online learning environments;
  • eLearning course design and delivery;
  • Apply leadership principles and human relations, strategic planning, problem solving, and team building skills;
  • Lead in developing and creating teaching and learning environments for faculty and students;
  • Represent the SLCC Libraries and its associated learning resources in the learning and eLearning contexts;
  • Understand college operations, policies and procedures within a multi-campus environment;
  • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills;
  • Accounting practices and financial and budget planning principles;
  • Ability to demonstrate effective fiscal and budget management skills.

Civility and urbanity are essential attributes of the successful candidate.

Special Instructions: Salt Lake Community College will conduct a background check on the successful candidate.



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