Mid-semester Analysis and Reflections

So far, my master’s program has been a surprise and exactly what was expected. I know those seem like two opposite feelings, and perhaps they are. I guess, I knew what I was getting into, but at the same time, I had no idea.

I think the part that is to be expected is as such. I feel that I had a firm grasp of what was to be expected from me. I have a general idea of what was going on in the field. I even knew what I wanted to do and generally how I was going to get there.

The part that is surprising is how in depth it can go. My sister told me once that you do not learn anything until you have reached your master’s. I did not know what she meant until I started my own. I feel as if I an engaging with material in a way that has never been required of me. Think Tanks allow me to actively engage and discuss with my peers, but scholarly reading allows me to actively engage with people who really know what they are talking about. In a lot of ways this is exciting, but it is also intimidating. Eventually, these people will be my peers and these will be the people I will discuss and engage with.

As far as blogs goes, engaging with ideas I would not have otherwise engaged has been the most valuable aspect. The job analysis was particularly important, especially as I pick my classes and set up my POW. It made me stop and consider if I was on the right track, what track I should go down, and how I should change my perspective as I go on. It also makes you think of things in a career oriented way. This program is the start of my career, not two years from now. If I think of it like that, than my take away, my focus, should all be on how will this progress and overlap into a future job? How will this overlap with my next step?

The second half of the semester, I honestly have no idea. I guess, I see myself just trying to make it through while learning as much as I can. I cannot learn everything, I’ve learned that much, but I can try. I guess my takeaway from the first half is to try to focus as much as possible and learn as much as possible.


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