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Final Reflections

When I started this semester, I had no idea what was going on in the information field. I had no idea libraries were changing as much as they were. I had no idea where any of this would lead me. Now, I have three classes under my belt, and still no idea. Okay, maybe not “no idea.” I sure have more of an idea now than I did 15 weeks ago, but I realize that there is so much to learn, so much to explore, and so many opportunities.


I think most people have a pretty grounded idea of what it means to be librarian. 15 weeks ago, I didn’t realize that I had this grounded perception. The field is large. The scope of where you can go, what you can focus on, and where you can end up is so great, that even if I focus my studies a certain way now, I could end up somewhere completely different in 15 years. Given all the changes the field is going through, and all the changes it will always likely experience, I will probably be doing something I cannot fathom in 15 years.


Professionally, I can bring creativity. I have flare for it. I love using technology to put together projects. This will be my strength. I did not realize it and I probably would have hidden from it if not forced to do it, but I really like technology. I love what it can do and I love what it can allow us to create. I also love the solitude it can offer. I love working alone. I also love working with people and it offers a fun way to team up with people.


There are so many things that I have used for the first time this semester. I’ve known about them, but I have been pushed to try them, to explore them, and to become familiar with them in a practical way. This has been great. It has taught me so much about what technology can provide.


And isn’t that what we are here for as librarians, anyway? To provide information as a valuable tool? I am not sure in what way I will provide yet. I have a general idea, but who knows? Maybe I will work for a library, maybe not. I know now, as a profession, the field of Library and Information Science is huge. It’s a small world, sure, but a small world with many possibilities, wonderful literature, and maybe, just maybe, a career specific to what I like with a possibility of providing things I am good at!


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Assumptions Revisited

 My assumption that I made the first week have remained similar, but they have also extended. I will go through and just add my additional notes. (Original post is the very first, go back to read previous thoughts.

List of my assumptions and my changes:

1)      Librarians will have to adapt in order to stay relevant in an increasingly technologically based society.

I agree with this assumption still. I think Librarians do need to adapt to stay relevant. I think it is because of technology that they need to adapt. The only thing I will say is the way in which I now think they have to adapt. I think that they need to become community centers. Given the needs of people and what they want out of a library, I think that a library has to become something that is necessary to its patrons.

One point in time, a library was necessary in the form that most people think of it. It is still necessary in this way, but in order to be needed, it can be so much more. I think it needs to be that much more. It needs to be no more and no less than the gap of what the community needs. This is going to vary on the community (rural or urban, academic or public), but librarians need to use funds and center them on what the community needs most.

2)      A librarian’s responsibility within twenty years will hardly involve books, rather it will center on different technologies: computers, tablets, e-readers, and electronic resources.

The only part of this I would amend is the time frame. I think that yes, a lirbarians jobs will revolve around technology, and yes that is already happening, but I say it will be fifty years before it “hardly involves book.” Perhaps not even in my generation at all. Books are still important. Maybe not the most important, but still important.

3)      Libraries (specifically public and academic) will undergo such drastic changes, most people will not associate it to what we now consider a Library.


I am not sure how to feel about this one. I think I had a different assumption about what a library was when I walked into my master’s. I feel that libraries have already started a shift, so it won’t look too different than what we are seeing now. I guess, I take this one back.


4)        Despite what people say, libraries will remain relevant as they have remained relevant for centuries.

I wholeheartedly stick to this assumption!

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